cabinet making 101

Cabinet Making 101

From the kitchen to the bathroom and from the library to the workshop, a cabinet lets you systematically arrange and store everything. You don’t need to always rush to your nearest furniture store to buy an expensive cupboard when you can easily make one for yourself. And believe us, it is not as difficult as you think!

The design of the basic cabinet is the same, irrespective of what you want to store. It consists of a case with two sides, top, bottom, back, and front. The front part contains the shelves, doors, or drawers to keep your stuff and optimize maximum space. Here is a step by step guide to starting you with the basics of making a cabinet.

Identify your requirement and decide the size. 

According to your need and availability of the space, choose the standard size of the cabinet. Based on practical problems, the expert cabinet makers have standardized some dimensions to make conveniently usable cabinets. A standard base cabinet is 24 inches deep, and the height is 36 inches, including the countertop.

Cut all components separately. 

As per the measurement, cut all the parts one by one. 

  1. Cut the two sides. of height 34.5″ and width 24″ for a standard base cabinet. Make sure that you use high-grade hardwood for the exposed size. However, the side to be concealed against the wall could be of cost-effective plywood. 
  2. Cut the base. The standard depth of the cabinet would be around 24″. However, you can adjust the length of the as per your requirement. Also, ensure that you consider the additional width that will add up when you attach the sides.
  3. Cut the back and the top. Mark and cut a piece for your back panel. The width of this piece will match the width of the base. Similarly, cut the top panel that will keep the top edges together.
  4. Cut the facing panels. These are the front parts of the cabinet that shows. You can cut these panels out of elegant or attractive lumber.
  5. Assemble the box. Once you cut all your pieces as per the standard size, you need to put together the basic structure. One by one, align and secure all the panels to the base except the front panel. You can either use glue or nails to assemble the sides of the shelf. Once gathered, you can strengthen the joints with corner brackets and screws.
  6. Install the racks. Mark the locations for the shelves and slide them in. Reinforce them with corner brackets at four places. After installing the shelves, place the front panel at last.
  7. Place at the location. Take the cabinet to the place where it will get installed. With nails, fix the back panel of the cabinet to the wall so that it remains stable. 

Your basic cabinet is ready to store your stuff. You can also add the doors or drawers to this cabinet, but it will become a complex one. 

You can adjust the number of racks as per your requirement. Once you make your first cabinet, you are all set to explore and create cabinets of different sizes, and designs.

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