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5 Minor Repairs that Have the Most Impact on Your Home Value

You can never have enough of home improvement guides because they help you save money, time, and energy. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to increase the value of your home. If you put it up for sale, you’d be able to sell it at a higher price. For those not thinking about selling, this guide would still be useful for them to have a better houses, improve curb appeal, and other merits.

You may have to stop postponing some repairs that you’ve had in mind for a very long time. Now’s the time for work that’s long overdue—only if you’re determined to increase your home value in a short time. The 5 important repairs mentioned below are what you should plan for.


Consider this to be a very important aspect because it’s part of what determines the very first impression about your home. External repairs can’t be taken for granted. Make sure it’s well-kept, and consider replacing high-maintenance plants with low-maintenance substitutes.


This is a low-cost improvement compared to the other repairs you’ll be making. Apart from landscaping, painting the exterior of your home will also give visitors a good first impression about it. Just make sure that the interior is not left out. It’s advisable to hire a pro for this.

Change of Lighting Fixtures

Update the house’s lighting fixtures to improve its exterior and interior. Good lighting will make your home look lively to visitors and prospective buyers. Make sure that the lighting tones and colors flow well as you move from room to room. Consider replacing the ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, pendant lighting, etc.

Bathroom Renovation

For this, you should consider the following upgrade ideas:

  • New tiling
  • New cabinets
  • New fixtures for the sinks and tubs
  • New countertops (e.g. natural stone)
  • Frameless glass doors
  • High-end quartz


It’s always wise to change the flooring of the entire house. Why? For the sake of uniformity. You can try faux-wood floors or wood floors—anyone that suits your preference. Changing the flooring is better than carpeting, even if the former is more expensive. Still, carpeting is a good substitute for those that cannot afford the other option.

You might be tempted to make only small repairs due to your budget. However, try to consider the big ones too. Urgent repairs are the most important aspects to pay initial attention to (e.g. a leaking roof). Ensure that the repairs or remodeling work you want to do isn’t based on personal appeal. If you’re trying to sell the house, it would be wise to base your projects on market appeal.

See which of the above repairs you can do on your own. The DIY option is always the most affordable one when it comes to home repairs. However, it’s always best to hire experts for every task if you can afford to. A seasoned professional would definitely do a better job than a DIY aficionado.

The results you’ll be hoping to get will depend on various factors such as building size, targeted area of the house, neighborhood, location, etc. Bathroom remodels always have the highest impact, especially in an affluent residential area.…